R. I. P. Mr. Iwata, Nintendo

Thank you, Mr. Iwata!

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Ludum Dare 32 – An Unconventional Weapon, compo today and tomorrow

Hi all,

I’m currently participating in the 48-Hour Ludum Dare 32 game creation competition with the above named subject as the target.
Due to the short time and it being only 1 person working on the game, I will postpone making a game page and posting screenshots until after the event, but I plan to host the result here tomorrow evening.

It is being developed using Unity 5’s WebGL as the engine while assets are being created in Modo INDIE and Photoshop.

Okay, back to work now…

*** UPDATE *** – You can check out everything on the LD #32 page link shown above in the header. I’ve just submitted everything as required and plan to take the evening off to get some rest and see the other LD entries coming in.

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Galactic Repairs Inc. Development Moved To Unity 5

Hello all,

we’ve moved development of the game ‘Galactic Repairs Inc.’ from Unity 4.6x to Unity 5.
We are currently producing placeholder assets and implementing the basic code logic for missions as well as the main interface. Our plan is to take advantage of the new PBR capabilities Unity 5 brings but we need to get a playable demo (preAlpha) out as soon as possible. After that, we will be putting up a page at IndieDB with more videos and images.

One of the biggest changes here has been the decision to implement the game as single player only in the first version. This helps cut out the backend server complexity and enables us to concentrate on the user experience and development speed should pick up due to this.

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We are Charlie! Wir sind Charlie! Je Suis Charlie!

Wir Sind Charlie!

…I’m missing words to describe my feelings about this world.

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Merry Christmas 2014!

Merry Christmas everyone!
We wish you a peaceful and happy time with lots of days off to be creative, eat too much good food and get lots of sleep each day!

Starting into 2015, we are still holding back further production on the Wii U Version of ‘Tank Crush – Eviction’ because it would need more polish and an art update, so we are still undecided whether to can the 2011 game or not.
Apart from that, we will be releasing a tool for the iPad next year and will then start work on a new, smaller game.

See you all in 2015.

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LD 30 Submission completed and Gordon’s Robot Web Game is live here!

Hi everyone,
we did it and just submitted our entry for the Ludum Dare 30 Team Jam!

It was great fun with Chris and Myles, and we got something together which actually ran… You can try out our final build here on the LD game page. It’s a web game and requires Unity web player to be installed.

After these 72 hours, it feels good to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening.
Next time, we would like to try a 2D game in a retro style…
Good night, over and out.

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Link to try out the Ludum Dare 30 Web Game Entry available

Hello all,

you can try out the current build of our LD 30 game entry on the Ludum Dare page here at this site.

Yesterday, we started designs and setting up lots of placeholder art for the world and will spend today working on the implementation of the game logic as well as getting proper art assets in-game.

We are doing the team jam, so we have a third day available to polish up everything before submission.

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Preparing for Ludum Dare #30 – Team Jam August 23rd to 25th, 2014

Hi all,
we’re going to be participating in the team jam on the Ludum Dare #30 weekend from the 23nd August for 72 hours until the 25th.
You can follow our live stream on Twitch here during that time. We plan to start streaming around 8 AM CET+2 on Saturday and will go until the end of development and submission.

We will be using Unity as our engine, as well as the usual 3D software packages such as Photoshop, Lightwave, Blender and Z-Brush and Mudbox as well as various other helpers. We will upload the progress of our web game as soon as it becomes playable, as well as any other relevant documents here regularly.

See you there!

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Tank Crush – Eviction – WiiU – First Gameplay Video Posted!

Hello everyone,

we’ve just posted a first video showing Wii U gameplay of the game ‘Tank Crush – Eviction’ which is currently in private beta on the Nintendo forums.

Tank Crush Eviction – WiiU – Gameplay Level 1 – Indie DB

It shows the menu structure as well as the first level in-game up until the shop is visited to upgrade the player tank.

Development is progressing quite well at the moment and we are putting in the final assets for an initial release. We still have some work until we can submit to the Nintendo Shops but we will keep you posted as this pans out.

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Tank Crush – Eviction Wii U Build 01.02.2014 released on the Nintendo Developer Forums

Hello all,
today we uploaded a first beta build of “Tank Crush – Eviction” to the Wii U developer forums. Although we can’t provide the beta publicly, I would like to post some screenshots from the game here.
It’s all still very much work-in-progress but it was a great experience working with this beautiful machine.

Tank Crush - Eviction Title

Tank Crush -Eviction ingame screenshot 1

Tank Crush -Eviction ingame screenshot 2

Tank Crush -Eviction ingame screenshot 3

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