Tank Crush – Eviction – WiiU – First Gameplay Video Posted!

Hello everyone,

we’ve just posted a first video showing Wii U gameplay of the game ‘Tank Crush – Eviction’ which is currently in private beta on the Nintendo forums.

Tank Crush Eviction – WiiU – Gameplay Level 1 – Indie DB

It shows the menu structure as well as the first level in-game up until the shop is visited to upgrade the player tank.

Development is progressing quite well at the moment and we are putting in the final assets for an initial release. We still have some work until we can submit to the Nintendo Shops but we will keep you posted as this pans out.

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Tank Crush – Eviction Wii U Build 01.02.2014 released on the Nintendo Developer Forums

Hello all,
today we uploaded a first beta build of “Tank Crush – Eviction” to the Wii U developer forums. Although we can’t provide the beta publicly, I would like to post some screenshots from the game here.
It’s all still very much work-in-progress but it was a great experience working with this beautiful machine.

Tank Crush - Eviction Title

Tank Crush -Eviction ingame screenshot 1

Tank Crush -Eviction ingame screenshot 2

Tank Crush -Eviction ingame screenshot 3

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Live Game Development Stream on Twitch

You can keep up with the current development status and see how we make assets by following our live stream here:

We will be streaming irregularly at first, showing the current development going on from 1 station where most of the art is being done. In the new year, this will become more regular and you can follow us on Twitch to get notified when we begin the stream.

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Tank Crush Eviction – Wii U Dev Screenshots

Porting Tank Crush – Eviction to various platforms is going great. Here are some shots from the Wii U development version.

Currently, we are testing out the game’s controls using the gamepad, which has a few features which are very different from the mobile version it’s built on.

Tank Crush - Eviction Wii U Development Screenshot 1
Tank Crush - Eviction Wii U Development Screenshot 2

Tank Crush - Eviction Wii U Development Screenshot 3

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Tank Crush Eviction – Mobile – First Screenshot!

Hi there,
here is a first screenshot of the mobile version of Tank Crush Eviction. This Unity screenshot is natively at 800×480 pixels and development is being done on Mac and testing on various Samsung, Motorola and Apple phones and pads. We will specifically be looking to get a Blackberry phone for testing in asap, as we feel this is a good platform and should be included as a target.
Tank Crush Eviction - Mobile version - Screenshot 1 17.10.2013

We are not planning a demo version but the full game will probably be released at a standard mobile app price on as many of the shops as we can get into. Details on this are being worked out and we will update the progress during the next few weeks.

At the moment, we are finishing a new version of the assets and will be doing a rework of the UI and integration into cloud services where applicable. All 30 levels are layed out and we are working on enemy and bonus object placements. The control currently is screen touch only, but we will look to supporting controllers where we can do this.

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Tank Crush Eviction – Android version coming!!!

In a moment of madness, we have decided to make a version of Tank Crush for mobiles. First up an Android version is being put together to investigate the interface and performance on today’s phones.

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Galactic Repairs Inc. Game – Update of the PreAlpha Build 27.01.2013!

Hi all,

today we published a new, free web build of the game ‘Galactic Repairs Inc.’ available here on this site.

The new build contains more functionality which was developed to explore the user interface structure and some of the in-game mission elements required to make this into a full game in which to perform missions at various locations.

The next phase now involves the proper generation of appropriate levels for the various missions, of which approximately 50 are planned at this time. Also, we will be generating better quality assets to enable us to show good quality graphics along with the growing game, specifically as we will be producing videos of the gameplay, making-ofs and the development process.

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Tank Crush – Eviction (Windows PC) – 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia!

The Windows PC demo version of our game ‘Tank Crush – Eviction’ has been granted the 100%-CLEAN Softpedia award as shown here at Softpedia.
100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

We are grateful for this award and hope to always bring you the best and safest quality of software possible at all times and in all our products!

The Windows PC and Mac OSX (Intel) free demo version of the game can be downloaded here and at IndieDB.
At IndieCity, both the freely downloadable demo and the full commercial PC version are available.

We are still looking for a publisher for the Mac OSX version of the game which is also ready at this time and is also best played with a gamepad peripheral.

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Tank Crush Eviction – Mac OSX Demo Update v1.2 Available!

We’ve just updated the Tank Crush Eviction Mac OSX Demo to v1.2.
This brings all the features from the full Windows version into the demo on the Mac OSX, and the only difference now is the number of levels: 30 in the full version, and 5 unique ones in the demo.
The fix here was to adjust the handling of the key and gamepad configuration page due to some differences in how these were handling in the PC and Mac versions.
Some code was also refactored to ease the generation of versions for both operating systems on which the game runs.

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Happy New Year 2013!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013!

Here’s looking forward to keeping you all entertained and well informed on our activities for the next 12 months.

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