Highsight Game Jam #1 – 2nd to 12th Feb. 2018

Hi all,

the Itch.io Highsight Game Jam #1 (Atari Remakes!) runs from the 2nd to 12 February 2018 and I’m considering participation as it would be enough time to complete something.

I looked through the list of Atari 2600 games and there is absolutely crazy amounts of old games to choose from.

Software used for this will be SFML (C/C++) or Phaser.io (Typescript), Photoshop, Illustrator, Tiled and MODO as well as Visual Studio 2017 as IDE, source archiving with GitHub.

Development will be done on Windows 10 Desktop and a Windows 10 Laptop using Wamp locally.

As always, I plan to stream on my Twitch channel during the event. I will be spending the run-up time to the jam fleshing out my ideas and determining the technology stack to use for this submission.

*** UPDATE ***
The submission is now available here at itch.io. I will be setting up a game page for it asap.
It is currently also playable from here at this site.



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