Tank Crush – Eviction Windows/Mac OSX Alpha Release 29.02.2012 available now!

We have finally moved to Alpha release cycle!
The Windows XP-SP3+ and MacOSX 10.6+ 32/64-Bit builds of the Tank Crush – Eviction game dated 29th February 2012 are now available here for free download and play.

Different factors warrant the decision to move forward into the next phase of the game’s development:
First off, the decision and commitment to complete the game and make a paid release for sale has been taken based on the status of the game with this release.
Secondly, as most features are already in the game, it is now possible to accurately estimate the remaining development time and efforts, therefore allowing us to begin discussing the release date for the final commercial versions (PC/Mac OSX).
Thirdly, plans are underway for the distribution of the demo as well as the first release.

The name of the game was changed to ‘Tank Crush – Eviction’, which is also planned to be the name for the final release. This was done in order to differentiate the game more from other games with similar names.

New features coming with the first Alpha release are:
- Name change to 'Tank Crush - Eviction'.
- Added reset of point distribution during purchasing in the in-game shop (use back key on controller).
- Added new tank models for players.
- Added updated enemy models and buildings.
- Added blinking battery symbol and symbol on top of player tank when energy falls below threshold of 20%.
- Level rework to place newly available building assets.
- Added new user interface elements (continued), specifically swapping out temporary fonts for custom text display.
- The button display sizes for the back and fire button prompts were modified.
- Enhanced ease of level exit when entering level exit gate.
- Added frame overlay for map display.
- Fixed level camera position reset when all players are dead/game over and while waiting for game-over panel to pop up. Camera now remains at last player's position(s).
- Partial implementation of the smart bomb and cannon bomb functionality (~30%).
- Misc. Bugfixes.

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