Tank Crush Eviction – Paid Beta Release, Free Demo and Final Full Game Release Dates!

Hello everyone,

we are planning the release of the paid beta (Windows XP+, Mac OSX Intel 10.6+) towards the end of this month, July, though it may take a few days to get up at the various game sites.
As soon as possible after the release of the beta, there will be a specially built 5 level free demo of the game with unique levels different from both the full game and the older Alpha Demo released some time ago. However, the first level remains the tutorial level to introduce you to the game world.

The release window for the full game has been set to August or September 2012, depending on feedback we get from the Beta and 2nd Demo, and the negotiations with the hosting sites to get the game up.

The prices for the beta and full game will be announced at launch, but the Beta should be offered significantly cheaper than the full game.

Notable new features for this release, and going forward to the release of the full game, are the keyboard controls, 25 full levels and a manual to help understand the game input setup and what-is-what. You will be able to read the details in the release notes as always.
Though we strongly recommend using twin-stick analog gamepads to control the tanks, we have provided keyboard controls for both players sharing a keyboard. The minimum game resolution remains 1024 x 768 pixels, but any screen ratio and resolution higher than that is supported.

We’ll keep you updated once we begin roll-out, we are currently still finalizing other important things such as the game manual and polishing our content until then.

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