Tank Crush Eviction – PC Demo Update v1.1 Available!

Today we updated the Tank Crush Eviction Windows PC Demo to v1.1. This brings all the features from the full version into the demo, and the only difference now is the number of levels, 30 in the full version, and 5 unique ones in the demo.
For this release, we also worked on streamlining the start of the game to get you into the game more comfortably and to ensure the best graphics settings are used.

Download the new demo on the game page here.
Tank Crush - Eviction

We are currently holding back the Mac OSX demo due to problems with the input system we are using in Unity. Since the game does suggest a game pad to enjoy it fully, we will release this version later once all issues have been solved.
Sadly, we also have no news on getting the Mac OSX version into any shops anytime soon so we are still searching for a means of publication.

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