Galactic Repairs Inc. Build Update 15.10.2012

Hi all,
we’ve just uploaded an updated build of the game ‘Galactic Repairs Inc.’ which contains some more of the recently created assets. You can try out the build on the game page and the asset list now marks which placeholder/whiteboxes we have prepared.
Once we finish the first pass of assets, they will be used to develop the AI and game interaction parts. One feature currently still unclear is the mission selection screen which opens up as you progress through the individual missions.

Secondly, this game will involve coordinating a small squad (4 figures) in missions set in varying, and sometimes hazardous, environments. As such, we will be ironing out this part of the game as part of the ongoing design. Probably, it would be better to get a few different version of alpha-level features out and fine tune from there…

Another new feature we are designing is the use of terrain outside of the normal urban environment. The difficulty here is that terrain does not work well with parametrically generated scenes, so we need to find a middle ground here.

As always, try out the build on the game page linked above.

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