Tank Crush Eviction – Mobile – First Screenshot!

Hi there,
here is a first screenshot of the mobile version of Tank Crush Eviction. This Unity screenshot is natively at 800×480 pixels and development is being done on Mac and testing on various Samsung, Motorola and Apple phones and pads. We will specifically be looking to get a Blackberry phone for testing in asap, as we feel this is a good platform and should be included as a target.
Tank Crush Eviction - Mobile version - Screenshot 1 17.10.2013

We are not planning a demo version but the full game will probably be released at a standard mobile app price on as many of the shops as we can get into. Details on this are being worked out and we will update the progress during the next few weeks.

At the moment, we are finishing a new version of the assets and will be doing a rework of the UI and integration into cloud services where applicable. All 30 levels are layed out and we are working on enemy and bonus object placements. The control currently is screen touch only, but we will look to supporting controllers where we can do this.

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