GameKid Raspberry Jam Entry 09.2015 page available now!

Hello everyone,

as a result of the GameKid Raspberry Jam which ran at from the 13th to 20th September 2015, we have setup a page for our entry “Van Sang’s Pain” here.
The game jam ran for 7 days and fit quite nice into a holiday period, so why not 😉

The game was developed on a Windows PC using Python & Pygame. GrafX2, Graphics Gale and Photoshop was used to create the 2D Art, as well as Visual Studio Code for the source code editing.
All art assets were created specifically for and during this jam event. Sounds and music were either downloaded from or re-used from our earlier game ‘Tank Crush – Eviction’. Level creation was performed in Tiled.
Filezilla (SFTP) was used to transfer the files to the RetroPie installation on the Raspberry Pi 2.
The game is available free and comes with links to setup instructions.

Bye all!

Please note! This is the RetroPie download version, see below for the Windows version of the game.

*** UPDATE: 03.10.2015 – Updated game to v1.1. ***
*** UPDATE: 04.10.2015 – Updated game to v1.2. *** Fixed the sound effect playing lag.
*** UPDATE: 11.10.2015 – Windows-x64 version now available for download here. Unzip and use run.bat to start the game.

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