Ludum Dare #34 Compo from the 11th to 14th December, 2015!

Hi all,

the Ludum Dare compo #34 was on during the 12th to 14th December, 2915 and I participated in the 48 hour part of the jam (compo).

As Marmalade Technologies were kind enough to provide me with a free Indie license during the last Mini Ludum Dare #63 event and for the next seven months, it was a great opportunity to explore this API even more.
It enables both 2D and 3D games and is easy to deploy for the Windows desktop, so it definately fit for the compo, however due to technical and temporal constraints, I chose a 2D path as you see here.

I streamed myparticipation at our Twitch page as always and I was glad to see a few people pop in and chat during this time, so thank you all for your time!

The game page for ‘Globular Infestation’ is now up here, along with a description of my intensions as well as download links for the free initial game (demo) and all resources.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 4
As the game was not finished during the compo, you are getting a technological demonstration which gives a basic flow of the game with only two levels and no enemy attacks.
However, I will be continuing work on the game to complete the features I had in mind during the compo but did not get to finish, so that we can all get a rounded game out of this. I’m estimating about 6 months to complete the initial Windows (x86) version, but I would like to port a version to Android with a slightly changed control scheme.

Check back for more info as this develops…

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