Preparations for the Ludum Dare #35 72h Game Jam Underway!

*** Update ***

Now that the event is over, there will be a page up here with the results of the game “Curse of the Piglet King” soon.
Again, the scope was too large for the time and the game didn’t get anywhere near finished in the 3 days, but working with Unreal Engine 4/C++ was great and I’m especially proud of the animations I made for the game.
I’ll be putting up all assets and sources asap although I can’t submit this to the Ludum Dare site since I feel it is not far enough along to provide any kind of playing experience.

*** —— ***

Hi all,
although the LD #35 72 hour Jam won’t be kicking off in Germany until 3 AM tomorrow, Saturday the 16th of April, 2016, I’m starting preparations for the event by producing signboards for my Twitch stream found here.
This time will be the first stream with a microphone but no camera, and I’m working off a Windows 10 Desktop PC or Mac Book Pro, depending on the stream stability.

The software stack for the event is planned based on:
Unreal Engine 4/C++ and Blueprints or Unity 3D/C# (This depends on a few details when I hear the chosen theme)
Art Rage/Photoshop/Piskel/Tiled for 2D Art
MODO/Blender/Maya/MudBox/LD3T/CrazyBump for 3D Art
Visual Studio 2015/XCode/MonoDevelop/Visual Studio Code for IDE
Git/SourceTree for version control software
Open Broadcaster for the Twitch stream at
Bfxr for the sound effects
Free music to be found online

Greetings and have fun all who will be there this weekend!

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