Gameboy Jam #5 hosted at, 1st to 10th October, 2016

Hello everyone,

*** UPDATE 23.11.2016 ***
The multi-platform update v1.1 (Win, Macos, Linux) is now live on the game page for free download. Please see the readme file in the ZIP for instructions on running the shell scripts to start the game if you are on Macos or Linux. Also, the readme details what is new, has changed or been enhanced in this version.

Prerequisites are: A recent Mono or .NET runtime and OpenAL. On Macos and Linux, the starter shell scripts will need executable rights to use, e.g. through “chmod +x *.sh” in the main folder where the scripts are. Remember to choose a compatible display resolution when running in fullscreen mode.

*** UPDATE ***
The GbJam5 ‘Assault On Metaluna 6’ game page has been updated with the Windows x86 download as well as the source code and assets for the game.

I’ll be participating in the Gameboy Jam at starting this Saturday and going for 10 days.
You can find the game page here.

The game type to be developed and the technology to be used has been decided, more details on the game page linked above.

I plan to stream parts of the sessions at Twitch, but it will probably be shorter streams in the evenings only when I can work on this project.
I’m looking for an artist and musician/SFX person who wants to collaborate on this, I will be doing all the coding.
The source code and all assets will be available for free here as soon as possible after the Jam.

Stay tuned for updates here during the Jam.

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