MKS Launcher Tookit v1.0beta available!

We’ve just launched the MKS Launcher Toolkit v1.0beta at!

The MKS Launcher Toolkit is a collection of two dependant tools which are the MKS Launcher Client and the MKS Launcher Backend.

The Toolkit enables a user to configure a software package called the MKS Launcher which can used to publish a custom client executable and data that checks a HTTP file repository for updates at each client program start prior to launching the wrapped package. If a newer version of the software is found, the client is updated automatically and can then be launched.

This type of functionality is generally used with MMOs and more recently in online multiplayer games which need to be updated at each launch to enable the user to connect to the servers with only the most recent software version. Examples of this kind of software is the app or Steam.
This package can be used for any kind of software though and is not limited to game applications.

Check it out as it’s currently available for pay-what-you-want!

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