Participating in the Post Apocalyptic Jam 2017 running 23.07-20.08.2017!

Hi all,

I will be participating in the month-long Post Apocalyptic Jam 2017 running from this Sunday, 23rd of July to the 20th of August 2017.
I really do enjoy the Post Apocalyptic genre in general, and it would be a great opportunity to try a single-player game idea with Unreal Engine 4.

I’m off the first week so can only do designs away from the computer, but hope to stream a few sessions during the remaining 3 weeks jam time on Twitch showing the C++ coding, Blueprinting and 2D/3D graphics creation.

*** Update ***
Sadly, I didn’t get enough of the game done in time to submit a playable prototype to the public.

Basically, it came down to me having lots of problems with setting up physics, problems with the creation, movement and collision of vehicles and their surroundings. I lost a lot of time working out technical issues which prevented me getting enough content and logic done to make the game playable.

What went well was the C++ coding, the Component and Blueprint creation, UI as well as the material setup, so this is lots of learning and experience for my next UE4 project.
My thoughts are to stick with UE4 compared to Unity 3D for now and continue learning those areas which are still less known to me: (Character) Animation and Physics.

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