Game Off 2018 Jam – 1.11 to 1.12.2018

Hello all,

the Game Off 2018 jam has started today! The theme is ‘Hybrid’, which sounds quite interesting and has lots of potential for me.
I’m currently considering taking part as it would fit my schedule very well and I have some ideas for the given subject.
Check here for updates as the month goes by and I plan to stream parts of the development process on my Twitch channel.

Update #1:
I am developing a 3D RTS-style client/server game for two players and involving resource collection and strategic unit deployment. However, no direct combat mechanism is currently intended.
The client is being created in Unity and the C# .NET Server will provide player pairing and handle session data transfer using TCP connections.

The public Github for the project source and assets is here: GameOff2018_MKS_Entry, I will be pushing to there daily during development.

#Update #2:
The GO 2018 Jam game page for “Scamper Fields” is now available here.

#Update #3:
The game ‘Scamper Fields’ v1.0preAlpha client and server is out and available at the game page here or at the game page.
The most current source code is also downloadable at the GitHub link on the page.

See you there!

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