Tank Crush Windows/Mac OSX Updated Test Build 30.01.2012 available

A small update was issued today to fix various problems with the 2nd player in the upgrade shop and add some other music. This update added the following features and fixes:
– Added Boss: Spiral Turrets in level 5 (phase 2, incomplete).
– Implemented additional music.
– Bugfix: 2nd player shop display of various collected assets broken.
– Bugfix: In Upgrade shop, enable concurrent cursor movement for both players.

The focus on this build here was on the 2 player functionality and the common playthrough experience for both users.
Missing in the game is the correct distribution of collectables and energy for all 10 levels as well as a proper distribution of stars through the levels of the game to ensure that a player can maximize his stats before the last level in the game. These features are being worked on for the next 1 or 2 builds and are expected to improve the playthrough experience and iron out difficulty spikes.

On a side note: The entire development environment, and all tools, was moved from Windows 7 64-Bit to Mac OSX Lion 64-Bit without any problems or hitches. Well, except that the XBOX360 gamepads don’t work on the Mac, so we are now developing with 2 Playstation controllers with a USB adapter. This update release marks the 2nd build publicly available which was made on the Mac.

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