Galactic Repairs Inc.

Galactic Repairs Inc. is a small squad action 3rd Person tactical single player game. The project is now being actively developed and will be updated here primarily until Alpha release, when we plan to also set up a game page at

-Click the buttons to navigate the game screen structure and enter the test level
-WASD : Move character
-Mouse : Pan and tilt to set the viewing direction

On loading the web page below, click once on the game page to activate the Unity control and one more time on the “Click To Start” button to start the game.
You can start the current development browser-based Unity 3D build of the game here (~60MB).
Build: 27.01.2013

GRI Design Notes
GRI Asset List
GRI Sound and Music Asset List

The current build is used to investigate the game structure regarding the screens and menus required. As such, there is the basic UI available to set things in some of the individual screens (click the various buttons to navigate through the screens) and the test ingame level (use standard WASD and mouse controls) in which you can run around and explore a litte.

The next phase of development will focus on the level generation and NPC interactions required to perform missions.
Apart from the coding/scripting of the game itself, the main development activity going on at the moment is the game design detailing and the generation of placeholder assets. We plan to show them here as we go along.
The compilation of a list of required sound effects and music is also in development at this time.

Please note that all information here is subject to change and all assets in the game are placeholders.