Van Sang’s Pain

Hello everyone,

as a result of the GameKid Raspberry Jam which ran at from the 13th to 20th September 2015, you can now download and try out our entry for the jam here:
RetroPie (Raspberry Pi – GameKid) Version of the game “Van Sang’s Pain”

Please note that the v1.0 version was created specifically for the use in the GameKid variant of the RetroPie Software on the Raspberry Pi 2 and as such, it will not work on other OS’es or configurations as is.

After downloading, see inside the folder for an executable. Double click or call that in a command line to start.

UPDATE: 13.05.2020 – A new v1.6 for Linux x64 is now here. The Windows x64 version can be downloaded here. Also, the FreeBSD x64 version is this.

These are all stand-alone version with executables and all dependencies within.Sadly, due to the age of my Mac and other problems it’s having with SDL2, I won’t be making a Macos version available at this time.

UPDATE: 19.03.2017 – Windows-only DPI aware version of the game can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: 17.03.2017 – New features in v1.4 are a unified python application for various OSes, fullscreen window and gamepad support to specifically enable seamless integration into Retropie’s game frontend.
Please note: On v1.4, the full windows mode does not correctly work with DPI scaling in Windows not being set to 100%! Download v1.5 instead in that case.

UPDATE: 21.03.2016 – Download a Raspberry PI 3 version of the game here. Unzip and use to start the game.You may need to set the batch file to be executable first.

UPDATE: 11.10.2015 – Download a Windows-x64 version of the game here. Unzip and use run.bat to start the game.

UPDATE: 04.10.2015 – Updated game to v1.2.
Fixed the sound effect playing lag.

Update 03.10.2015: We’ve uploaded v1.1 of the game to the game page here.
– Adjusted some levels for accessability when jumping.
– Added some level detail tiles.
– Modified tank enemy sprite to correct shading direction from top/left.
– Corrected hiscore entry display to start with ‘A..’

Known issues:
– Wrong heading in player float animation when floating in left/right direction.
– Sticky key problem on some control actions.
– No music or sound FX on the Raspberry PI 3 version.

Here are some screen shots, note that the GameKid runs at 320 by 240 pixels.