A Helicopter Combat and Rescue game

Developed for the hosted Unofficial Gameboy Jam running 2nd to 17th September, 2017.

You can download it here (Win 32/macOS): NOE game page

A DXInput compatible gamepad, e.g. the XBox 360USB Controller is strongly urged for the designed gameplay experience!

-Follow T symbol to find nearest mission target(s).
-Follow diamond shape to return to base for landing after achieving mission objectives.
-Collect or destroy the required number of units to successfully complete mission.
Enemy fire and/or ground obstacle contact causes loss of fuel, without fuel the mission fails.

Player Controls

Mouse point and LMB click works on UI elements!
An XBox 360 USB DXInput controller is strongly urged!

d|cursor right|right shoulder button: next UI option
a|cursor left|left shoulder button: prev UI option
s|cursor down|buttonY: select option/accept mission
w|cursor up|buttonX: decline mission
s|cursor down|buttonY: toggle music volume setting 0 to full
w|cursor up|buttonX: toggle SFX(master) volume setting 0 to full. Is a percentage of master volume setting!

In Game Mission
Left Analog Stick [W|A|S|D]: Heli direction
Right Analog Stick [Cursor Keys]: Heli Gun/Missile aiming
RB|Spacebar: Fire Gun
LB|Left CTRL|Right CTRL: Fire Rocket
Escape : Abort and fail mission

NOE Title  
NOE Title NOE Title
NOE Title NOE Title
NOE Title NOE Title