Resistjam 2017 – POTE

This is the game page for the #Resistjam 2017 entry Plight Of The Extruder.

Escape from the restrictive Government of your previous life to a bright future in Freedom! Swim through 3 levels to reach your final goal, the land you have always dreamed of!
The game is an arcade vertical downwards scroller with player movement, shooting elements, enemy avoidance and testing for hand/eye coordination.

This game was made for and during the #Resistjam event running from the 3rd to 12th March, 2017.


(Trigger Right) W – Swim Forward
(Trigger Left) S – Swim Backward
(X) Arrow Left – Turn Left
(B) Arrow Right – Turn Right
(Y) Arrow Up – Throw Cash (Destroys the enemy)
(A) Arrow Down – Throw Cigarettes (Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds)
(Start) P – Toggle Pause ingame
(Back) ESC – Leave ingame level or quit game from title screen

See the readme file again for the controls, and they are shown ingame when a new game is started.

The following downloads are currently available for this game:
Windows x86 (Mono/.NET required)

The game was created using the Monogame Framework, Visual Studio 2015, Photoshop, Art Rage, Tiled and OBS for the streaming on Twitch during that time.