Host Moving Servers

The hoster for the site is moving their servers, including mine hosted at the address above, to a new server infrastructure all next week, from the 04.07.2022 to 09.07.2022. This will impact availability of some of my servers, for example the backend for Scamper Fields and some internal development infrastructure.

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Release v1.0.0 of the MKS Distributed (UDP) Memory Loop Library

I’ve just released v1.0.0 of my C/C++ MKS-Memory-Loop UDP Networking Library for public use. The GIT Archive is now public and can be accessed here.

This C/C++ library enables the simple configuration and execution of applications which share a distributed memory environment such that each host participant (federate) can provide a UDP socket network frame of 508 bytes to each other federate in a federation with high frequency. The format and contents of these frames must be handled by the application and fit into the buffer size of 508 bytes. Possible use cases are multiplayer games which each player provides its data in a frame to the federation.

Check out the included examples showing how the library can be compiled, installed and linked to from other projects.

The project was developed using C/C++, PThreads, UDP Sockets, Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04 and FreeBSD 13. The project will be further developed with new features and I plan to extend the operating systems for which this software is available.

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GBA Winter Jam 2021

I’d joined the GBA Winter Jam 2021 running from the 1st December 2021 to 1st January 2022. The (optional) theme for the jam was “Frozen”.

It’s a game jam to create a game capable of running on the original Game Boy Advance console as well as an appropriate emulator. In this case, I’m using the mGBA emulator during development and testing on an original GBA using a flash card.

The game was developed using Butano (C++) with Visual Studio Code, graphics were done with Aseprite and GIMP, SFX and music are missing, source control provided with Git. Output and download will be a gba file in a page link given below.

My plan was to provide the final state of the game as a gba file for the flashing to a GBA or use in an emulator through a page here. Due to the protoype missing much what makes a game, including music and SFX, I won’t be providing a page at for it, but the GitHub archive, project resources and assets are available now in the page above.

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Vampire Game Jam October 2021

I participated in the Vampire Game Jam October 2021 with my brother, Chris, and we submitted our entry “Anubis” which you can look at and download here on its game page.

It was made with Unity, Photoshop and Gimp, Blender and using Trello and Git for managment. We released the Jam build as a Windows executable although we had initially planned to do it as a WebGL version. This didn’t work out due to scaling issues between the app and Unity, though the performance and everything else was good in the browser.

I’ll making a self-hosted WebGL build here to see if that doesn’t have the problems we encountered during the Jam.

Edit: The bug has been fixed and an upload v1.2 of the game is now available.

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Update to Nordic Blaze Game

Currently, the Linux version of the game is in development to v0.4preAlpha. Specifically, I’m working on integrating the bullet physics engine into the game to enhance the experience driving and flying the units. I also expect benefits to the ray-casting and collision handling.

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Nordic Blaze Game

The development page for the game “Nordic Blaze” is now up here. There you will find more information on the game and its development status.

The game was started, but not finished, during the LOWREZJAM 2020, but there is still a lot I would like to put into it before calling it done.

You can download the most current Windows and Linux releases at The FreeBSD version is available on the game page here. I plan to make an official package in FreeBSD, and perhaps other BSD operating systems, once the game is released.

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Unity and Blender Scene Export Scripts!


if you’re looking to export hierachical scene definitions out of Unity or Blender, check out my public GitHub repositories with some files which may help with that:

Blender Scripts

Unity Scripts

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LOWREZJAM 2020, Starting 1st August!

Hi all, it’s the time of the year for the LOWREZJAM 2020 and i’m planning to participate, as it’s a good time frame. It’s running until the 17th, and I have some ideas for tools I want to try out this time. I might also be getting some help with the graphics which would be great for the art quality.

Stay tuned for details on the tech and team as the time draws nearer.

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Van Sang’s Pain v1.6. released!

I’m happy to announce a new version 1.6 of the game ‘Van Sang’s Pain’. Available here are the pre-compiled, packaged x64 versions for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

The reasons for this update were plenty: To get a more playable version of the game and to update the technologies for developing and publishing games for various platforms in general. In addition to that, there was a real need to refactor a lot of the underlying code, move to a newer Python version and fix some issues with the input and handling and other small bugs.

The intention here is to bring this game into FreeBSD as a package to learn doing this for this very fine OS, as well as provide Linux, Windows and Macos versions launch-able through the app.

I still have some more ideas for content but would need to build a new asset (sprites, levels) pipeline to make that work.

You can get everything available for download on the game’s page as it becomes available.

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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!

This year should be quite interesting as new hardware is coming out shortly or is already here, specifically Retro platforms such as the C64 Maxi and other Retro handheld consoles.

Add to that the new XBox and Playstations, and it seems to be gearing up for quite something.

On a personal side, I would like to do some Game Jams and get updates to the bigger games I’m working on done.

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