GO 2018 – Scamper Fields

This game is being retired on the 31st of July, 2023.

v1.0preAlpha2 – The default server is up.

Welcome to the ‘Scamper Fields’ game page.

This game has been created initially as part of the Game Off 2018 Jam running from the 1st of November until the 1st of December, 2018.
The theme was ‘Hybrid’.

Current (28.12.2018) client and server files are available here:
Scamper Fields Client v1.0preAlpha2 Windowsx86
Scamper Fields Server v1.0preAlpha2 .NET

– (Client) First-pass redesign of maps: Morpholite, Sunset and Overlord
– (Client) Added ingame chat
– (Client) First-pass UI enhancements
– (Server) Added client network login duration information.
– (Server) Added further client and connection statistics.
– (Server) Handle ingame chat with profanity filtering

Downloads for the original released Game Jam client and server are available here:
Scamper Fields Client v1.0preAlpha Windowsx86
Scamper Fields Server v1.0preAlpha .NET

Information about game versions, public server availability and status will be posted here on this page. The full client and server source code and assets are always freely available at the GibHub site given below.

Being developed is a 3D RTS-type, resource collecting, client/server game for two players and mainly revolving around resource collection and strategic unit deployment. Also at this time, no direct combat mechanism is intended.

The client is being created in Unity and the C# .NET Server will provide player pairing and handle session data transfer using TCP connections.
The public Github for the project source and assets is here: GitHub – GameOff2018_MKS_Entry, I push there daily during development.

The client and server releases built for the Jam are available here and at itch.io. The itch.io project will have a message posting capability and provide help if any issues come up setting up or running the game.


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