LD33 Garganoyd

Ludum Dare #33
You Are The Monster : Garganoyd

This is the game page to host the game ‘Garganoyd’ made for the Ludum Dare #33 Game Compo running this weekend, the 22nd and 23rd of August 2015 for us Europeans who may need to get up early Monday morning ?
Sadly, it’s missing sounds and music, but due to time constraints and other commitments, i’m letting it go as is.

The controls are standard WASD with mouse aiming. Your objective is to collect all meteriorite pieces in each map while fighting the enemy tanks hell bent on stopping you!

This time i’m only providing build for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux which you can download below:

Linux x86
Garganoyd – Linux Game Download (~20MB)

Garganoyd – Mac OSX Game Download (~20MB)

Windows x86 ** PLEASE only set WINDOWED mode, not fullscreen, due to a bug in the UI of Unity 5 in non-exclusive, fullscreen mode **
Garganoyd – Windows Game Download (~50MB)

Here is the full Unity Project with sources and assets. Due to size constraints, i’m not uploading the raw files used to create the Unity contents:
Garganoyd – Unity Project with sources and assets (~20MB)

Here are some screenshots from the Mac OSX version of the game running in a window:
Garganoyd - LD33 - Screenshot #1 Title
Garganoyd - LD33 - Screenshot #2 Ingame
Garganoyd - LD33 - Screenshot #3 Ingame