GBA Winter Jam 2021

I’d joined the GBA Winter Jam 2021 running from the 1st December 2021 to 1st January 2022. The (optional) theme for the jam was “Frozen”.

It’s a game jam to create a game capable of running on the original Game Boy Advance console as well as an appropriate emulator. In this case, I’m using the mGBA emulator during development and testing on an original GBA using a flash card.

The game was developed using Butano (C++) with Visual Studio Code, graphics were done with Aseprite and GIMP, SFX and music are missing, source control provided with Git. Output and download will be a gba file in a page link given below.

My plan was to provide the final state of the game as a gba file for the flashing to a GBA or use in an emulator through a page here. Due to the protoype missing much what makes a game, including music and SFX, I won’t be providing a page at for it, but the GitHub archive, project resources and assets are available now in the page above.

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