LD37 Ganymede Dig

Ludum Dare #37 – Compo Event 10th/11th December, 2016.

Ganymede Dig puts a droid unit to the task of digging through the caves of Ganymede to extract mineral deposits.
The game uses the Ludum Dare 37 theme ‘One Room’ as it has only a single cave to explore per level. Playable per keyboard and tested with Xbox 360 controller in WebGL.

Controls are shown starting the first level. Collect all minerals and avoid getting hit by falling things…

Things missing which I ran out of time for: Sound FX, Music, Enemies, Particle effects, polish etc. but I’m quite happy with the structure and realisation, overall a great experience.
I submitted what I had at the LDJAM site and I’m putting up all assets here for everyone:

You can view the submission page for Ludum Dare here
LD 37 Ganymede Dig submission page

Web Link for WebGL version
Ganymede Dig- WebGL

Windows X86 stand-alone EXE
Ganymede Dig- WinX86

Unity 5 Project sources and all assets
Ganymede Dig – Unity 5 project sources and all assets

Ganymede Dig - Title

Ganymede Dig - Title

Ingame Shot 1
Ganymede Dig - Title

Ingame Shot 2
Ganymede Dig - Title