Van Sang’s Pain

Hello everyone,

as a result of the GameKid Raspberry Jam which ran at from the 13th to 20th September 2015, you can now download and try out our entry for the jam here:
RetroPie (Raspberry Pi – GameKid) Version of the game “Van Sang’s Pain”

Please note that this is a version specifically for the use in the RetroPie Software of the Raspberry Pi 2 and as such, it will not work on other OS’es or configurations as is. Come by regularly for updates and possible news regarding ports available to other systems.

UPDATE: 21.03.2016 – Download a Raspberry PI 3 version of the game here. Unzip and use to start the game.You may need to set the batch file to be executable first.

UPDATE: 11.10.2015 – Download a Windows-x64 version of the game here. Unzip and use run.bat to start the game.

UPDATE: 04.10.2015 – Updated game to v1.2.
Fixed the sound effect playing lag.

Update 03.10.2015: We’ve uploaded v1.1 of the game to the game page here.
– Adjusted some levels for accessability when jumping.
– Added some level detail tiles.
– Modified tank enemy sprite to correct shading direction from top/left.
– Corrected hiscore entry display to start with ‘A..’

Known issues:
– Wrong heading in player float animation when floating in left/right direction.
– Sticky key problem on some control actions.
– No music or sound FX on the Raspberry PI 3 version.

Here are some screen shots, note that the GameKid runs at 320 by 240 pixels.