Tank Crush Updated today 30th December 2011

The game access to the current development state of pre-Alpha ‘Tank Crush’ has been updated to the most current development build. This was done to prepare the launch of the game page at IndieDB.com.
You will be able to read the most about the development of this and all my games there.

The game is not yet released but I plan to keep downloads of it available at this site during the entire development. As such, if you try out the web link, please keep in mind that the build is pre-Alpha and some of the functionality is still missing. With the release of preAlpha0, I will provide general documentation and information what is implemented and missing.

If you have comments or questions about the game, would like to help me out with testing or want to see available media about the game, you can visit my IndieDB profile or wait until the game page goes live.
You can view this and also PM me through the site.
Alpha Testers will be provided with an offline Unity 3D player based build (Windows, Mac Intel) to try out, since the input settings can only be setup this way in Unity 3D.
I am actively looking for level designers/builders, 2D and 3D Asset Makers and Sound Effect Engineers for paid contract work on this game.

Current minimum requirements for playing the game are a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and 1 or 2 analog gamepads to control your tanks. The game was developed with 2 Microsoft XBOX 360 USB controllers and 1 EAXUS Playstation USB controller. I’m specifically interested in getting feedback on various controllers and how they are working with the game.

Everyone have a good jump into the new year, hope to see you all back here safe and sound in 2012.

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