Van Sang’s Pain v1.6. released!

I’m happy to announce a new version 1.6 of the game ‘Van Sang’s Pain’. Available here are the pre-compiled, packaged x64 versions for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

The reasons for this update were plenty: To get a more playable version of the game and to update the technologies for developing and publishing games for various platforms in general. In addition to that, there was a real need to refactor a lot of the underlying code, move to a newer Python version and fix some issues with the input and handling and other small bugs.

The intention here is to bring this game into FreeBSD as a package to learn doing this for this very fine OS, as well as provide Linux, Windows and Macos versions launch-able through the app.

I still have some more ideas for content but would need to build a new asset (sprites, levels) pipeline to make that work.

You can get everything available for download on the game’s page as it becomes available.

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