Situation Report 20.12.2012

Hi all,

just a short note to give an update to our current status and activities.
We are currently still designing the look and feel of the game ‘Galactic Repairs Inc.’. To do this, we need to develop the concepts, color palette, the style of graphics, the sound scape and the feature set for the entire game based on the notes and prototype assets we currently have. The intention here is to have a first set of assets latest by the end of March 2013, with which we can begin implementing game features.
Due to the planned use of cut scenes and other video sequences ingame, we are also investigating the fastest and most cost effective method for us to generate some media alongside the game development. While this is not yet 100% decided to be included, we feel it would really help the game’s storyline to have various film game transitions.

In case the world doesn’t end tomorrow, we would like to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a good transition into 2013!

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