Galactic Repairs Inc. Build Update 22.10.2012

Hey there,

we’ve just updated the current “Galactic Repairs Inc.’ build to a version from today the 22.10.2012. As always, you can find access to the Unity webplayer versions of the game at the bottom of the game page.

Recently added were some further placeholder assets which are marked in the asset list. Our plan is to finish enough of the placeholder assets by the end of November to enable us to implement a few features to get some movement into the world. Also, these placeholders will be provided as part of the official bid requests being sent out to various 3D artists.

If you would like to build assets for the game (2D UI, icons, logos or 3D models, or animations or music and sound effects), send us a mail to (RE: Assets for GRI) with your contact data and link your portfolio (important!). If you are selected for further work, we will then include you in the list when we mail out the bids, which will contain all required details as well as a cost sheet for you to fill out.

The timeframe for this asset building phase of the work will be from November 2012 to end of March 2013 and all payment will be negotiated once the bidding process has concluded and the results have been evaluated with the artists selected.

‘Til next time.

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