Tank Crush Windows/Mac OSX Test Build 12.02.2012 available now!

The Windows XP-SP3+ and MacOSX 10.6+ 32/64-Bit builds of the Tank Crush game dated 12th February 2012 are now available here for free download and play.

New features added for test build were:
- Added Boss: Spiral Turrets in-game, multiple levels (phase 3, complete).
- Level rework to place assets, resources.
- Added new user interface elements (partial).
- Misc. Bugfixes.

The focus on this build here was on the distribution of the level resources (stars, batteries etc.) and in the partial implementation of the user interface to be used in the free demo. You will find a mix of old and new user interface controls in the build, but it is fully functional.
A test build was made for Unity v2.6 to see if support of the game can be extended to PowerPC platforms with the older Unity versions, however this resulted in too many visual artifacts so this is deemed failed.
Multiple in-game assets (vehicles and buildings) are currently being developed.
Please note that a twin-stick analog game pad is required to play.

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